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Noble Springs Dairy

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Dairy Products

Creamy, Delicious Chèvre


Chevre is a fresh soft goat cheese with a very mild flavor. It is a versatile cheese and gets a lot of use here in our kitchen. Our chevre comes in two forms, one is a softer spreadable version and the other is a firmer log version. Both versions come in a variety of flavors from sweet to savory. Noble Springs Chevre comes in these flavors: Plain, Cherry Berry, Cranberry Honey, Herbs de Provence, Garlic Herb, Garlic Dill, Pimento, Peppercorn, Nashville Hot and Spicy Santa Fe.

Goat Milk Feta


Noble Springs Feta is our version of the traditional Greek cheese. Our feta is aged in a brine before being packaged. It has a tangy and salty flavor and is a firm cheese that is great for crumbling.  Our Feta is great in a Greek salad with fresh tomatos, olives and onions, it can be used in a quiche or is a great salty complement to sweet watermelon salad. 

Plain Whole Milk Yogurt


Our plain whole goat Milk Yogurt is full of protein and probiotic. We don't add any sweetners to our Yogurt, which allows our customers to sweeten and flavor their yogurt however they choose. Our yogurt is made with only two simple ingredients: fresh whole goat milk & cultures. 

Goat Milk


Farm fresh, Whole Goat Milk. Bottled in our creamery. Available in quarts. Non-homogenized and low temperature pasteurized.

Harpeth Fleur


Noble Springs Harpeth Fleur is our soft ripened goat cheese. It is an aged, wonderfully rich, delicate button of goat cheese. It has a delicate bloomy rind and is a delicious addition to any cheese tray.

Chocolate Fudge


A delicious chocolate treat. Our fudge does not contain any cow milk products and is made with organic vanilla.